Welcome to the Great Monofilament Adventure, and what an adventure it has been!  Our project took first place at the 2019 Texas Master Naturalists State Conference in Rockwall.

What is Monofilament?

Monofilament is nylon fishing line that is used on fishing reels. Discarded line can be harmful to boat motors and marine wildlife. Animals, especially birds, cannot see the line in the water or on the ground.  They become tangled in the line which leads to starvation, drowning or loss of a limb.

About The Project

The State of Florida started the monofilament recycling project in 1999.   They have 1,600 bins installed throughout the state collecting fishing line.

In Texas, the program was founded in 2004 and is coordinated by The Texas Sea Grant College Program which is a collaboration of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the State of Texas, and universities across the state.

Our chapter’s efforts are focusing on Galveston County. Currently, there are 110 monofilament tubes being monitored in Galveston county by both Texas Master Naturalists and by Turtle Island Restoration Network. Soon we will be adding even more recycling tubes to increase our coverage across the county. We frequently host beach cleanups, bird rescues and outreach to teach the public.

Map of the monofilament tubes

Want to see where all the tubes are deployed in Galveston County? Just click on the link below.  An added feature: if you use this link via your smartphone and have the Google Maps app installed, you’ll get a dialog offering to give you directions to the chosen bin. (Note:  map is still undergoing enhancement.)

Monofilament Tube Map Viewer

New tube request form (Galveston County only)

Do you have a favorite fishing spot in Galveston County that could benefit from the installation of a monofilament recycling tube?  Please go to this link to fill out and submit your request.  Thanks!

How to get started with your own monofilament project

(Information will be posted soon)

Other forms and information

(Information will be posted soon)

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Contact Us

For more information contact GBAC Fishing Line project

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