2011 Issues

December 2011 Midden Table of Contents:

Now We Are Ten
December and January Activities
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings – Texas Water Plan and Gulf of Mexico Watershed
Texas Stream Team Meeting
10th Anniversary – Let’s Party
Shorebirds with Winnie AT
Gib Larson, CCISD Citizen of the Year
Beach Out and Volunteer
2011 State Meeting at Mo Ranch
Fall Teacher’s Workshop
Rubies, Rubies, Everywhere: What’s Up? (Ruby-throated hummingbirds)
Guppies from Julie
Master Naturalist 2011 Tour

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October 2011 Midden Table of Contents:

10 Years and Counting
October and November Activities
Prairie Ponderings – Drought and volunteer Barbara Nowakowski
Wetland Wanderings – Armand Bayou Watershed
August Sky AT
Water Monitoring Crucial to Texas
Master Naturalists Finish Fifth Season of Sea Turtle Patrols
Top 10 Galveston Bay Area Milkweeds
Guppies from Julie

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August 2011 Midden Table of Contents:

President’s message
August and September Activities
Prairie Ponderings – Transect studies at ABNC
Wetland Wanderings – Drought
Heritage Book Study Group – Land of Little Rain
Camp Wild is a Fun Event
Image Seekers – Who We Are
Treasures of the Bay
What is “Treasures of the Bay”?
Plastic to the Sea: Musings on Sea Turtle Patrol 2011
The World of Monarch Butterflies
Sign up for Texas Master Naturalist Listserv
Guppies from Julie

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June 2011 Midden Table of Contents:

Reflections Before Dawn
June, July and August Activities
Prairie Ponderings – Prairies are People
Wetland Wanderings – Hawizeh Marsh, a Wetland of International Significance
Heritage Book Study Group – The Book of Texas Bays
Milkweeds and Monarchs – A Tangled Web of Life
Guppies from Julie – National Ocean Sciences Bowl Competition

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April 2011 Midden Table of Contents:

Spring is Here
April and May Activities
Prairie Ponderings – Top 10 Who, What, Where
Wetland Wanderings – Galveston Bay Plan
Heritage Book Study Group – The Wilderness World of John Muir
14th GBAC Class
Fishy Facts AT
“Heartbreak Turtle” still needs our help
Hook ’em Horns AT
Texas Horned Lizards
FoGISP Training
Raptor Workshop AT
Galveston Bay Area Master Naturalists Impact Dolphin Challenge!
Management of the Red Harvester Ant

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February 2011 Midden Table of Contents:

President’s message
February and March Activities
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings – 5th Annual Restoring America’s Estuaries Conference
Book Study Group – Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
Texas Outdoor Family Program
Sandhill Cranes
Incredible Creek Encounter
National Ocean Sciences Bowl Needs YOU!!
Guppies from Julie

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