2012 Issues

December 2012 Midden Table of Contents:

How to Build a Ship
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings – Bryophytes
Monofilament Recycling Now at GISP
Report from the State Meeting 2012
Nobel 48, Our Global Ocean
Laundry Lint Pollutes the World’s Oceans
Guppies from Julie
December and January Activities

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October 2012 Midden Table of Contents:

End of Summer
Prairie Ponderings – Thanks to Jim Crabb
Wetland Wanderings
Annual Master Naturalist Regional Meeting
Got Recycling Bins?
Monarch Butterfly Workshop
Master Naturalists Role in Educational Activities at GISP
October and November Activities
State of Texas Water
North American Prairie Conference 2012, Winnipeg, MB
Child Protection Training Required
Guppies from Julie

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August 2012 Midden Table of Contents:

Summer is Here
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings
Testing 1,2,3: Can you Hear Me Now?
Camp Wild 2012
Treasures of the Bay
Hawks of the South (Mississippi Kites)
August and September Activities
Take the 40-Gallon Challenge!
Guppies from Julie

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June 2012 Midden Table of Contents:

I Saw the Eagle
Prairie Ponderings – Grassland Birds
Wetland Wanderings – Drought
Estuarine Smorgasbord
Great Start to 2012 Sea Turtle Patrols
June and July Activities
Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program
Master Naturalist Rambling and Connections – Constantine Samuel Rafinesque
Heritage Book Study Group – Bats of Texas
Guppies from Julie

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April 2012 Midden Table of Contents:

Spring is Near – Go Outside
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings – Impaired Waters
Biology of Beachcombing
Saving the State Insect – Monarch Butterfly
Review of “The Ultimate Nature Texas Guide”
Daytime Phenomena AT
Diurnal Raptors AT
What Would a Master Naturalist Read?
Heritage Book Study Group – Aransas: A Naturalist’s Guide
Guppies from Julie
April and May Activities

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February 2012 Midden Table of Contents:

Looking Forward and Back
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings – Stormwater Treatment Wetland at Mason Park
James F. Bay Elementary Garden Club
What Should a Texas Master Naturalist Know – 2012? (Mexican free-tailed bats)
Treasures of Bay Award Recipients 2011
New Year’s Resolution
Guppies from Julie
February and March Activities

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