2013 Issues

December 2013 Midden Table of Contents:

Reflections and Looking Forward
Prairie Ponderings: Texas City Seed Production Facility
Wetland Wanderings; Bamburger Ranch
Dr. Sammy Ray
State Meeting
Dolphin Challenge 2014 Needs You!
The Great Work of Our Time (Ecological Restoration)
Book Review – Wilderness of the American Mind
Drought in Texas – Why So Dry?
Fall Flowering Plants AT
Guppies from Julie
December and January Activities

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October 2013 Midden Table of Contents:

Fall is Approaching
Prairie Ponderings – Three Important Prairie Articles
Wetland Wanderings – Coon Valley – The Nation’s First Watershed Project
A Visit to Galveston County’s Levee
Rescheduled: First Annual Campout at GISP
Earth Aliens: Live in Extreme Environments
Education Outreach Committee Report
Monarch Oe Parasite Sampling and Tagging Workshop
You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd
Partnering for Safety
Texas Adopt a Beach
We Need Your Hours!
Labeling Storm Drains on the Strand
Teaching Ocean Processes!
Guppies from Julie
October and November Activities

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August 2013 Midden Table of Contents:

Kickoff of Summer
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings – Watersheds and Dead Zone
Camp Wild 2013
Sea Turtle Excitement at Galveston Island State Park
Summer Reading List
August and September Activities
Cicada Killers
Naturalist Skills “Capture the Moment” AT
Aldo Leopold’s Legacy from the Greenfire AT
Thanks, Nathan!
Guppies from Julie

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June 2013 Midden Table of Contents:

Our Chapter is Busy!
Prairie Ponderings
Wetland Wanderings – Return to Mason Park
FoGISP Orientation
Galveston Harbor Tour
Dune Plants Advanced Training
June and July Activities
Insect Collection and Native Bees AT
Where Have All the Prairies Gone?
Ghost Crabs 101
Guppies from Julie

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April 2013 Midden Table of Contents:

Setting Directions
Prairie Ponderings – Prairie Reading Selections
Wetland Wanderings – the Clean Water Act
The Wildlife Center of Texas
Public and Personal Safety Training 101 AT
Diurnal Raptors 2013
Meet the New Class
2012 – The First Year
Know Your Board
Falling Stars
Guppies from Julie
April and May Activities

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February 2013 Midden Table of Contents:

Reflections and Looking Forward
Prairie Ponderings – GBAC Prairie Restoration
Wetland Wanderings – Watershed Studies at Hubbard Brook
It’s a dirty job, but the Vultures can do it!
Master Naturalists Now Conducting Turtle Barn Tours
Sea Turtle Patrols 2012 and an Update for 2013
Highland Lakes Chapter Visits Galveston Island!
2012 Treasures of the Bay Award Winners
Let the festivities begin!
GISP Chapter Project
In Memory of Dr. John J. Sharp
Ten Words or How to Pass a Spelling Test
Guppies from Julie
February and March Activities

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