2016 Issues

December 2016 Midden Table of Contents:

Prairie Ponderings:  Fall is Glorious on the Prairie – climax grasses and prairie activities
Wetland Wanderings: How’s the Water – area water quality results
Beach Patrol: Winter beachcombing
AT Talk and Tour at Texas City Prairie Preserve
Fall Hawk Watch at Sheldon Lake State Park
Heritage Book Study Group: Review of A Journey Through Texas
Mescal Beans: Was There a Red Bean Cult?
Thanks, Steve!
TMN 17th Annual State Meeting: chapter awards
Final Farewell to Beth Cooper
Emmeline Dodd Recognized by ABNC
Congratulations to Jim Duron

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October 2016 Midden Table of Contents:

Prairie Ponderings: Indian Plantain
Wetland Wanderings: Last Gator Night at ABNC – American alligators
Beach Patrol:sea turtle nesting, beach replenishment, sea level rise
Monarch Butterfly OE Parasite Sampling and Tagging AT
Our Summer Sea Turtle Adventure: finding sea turtles in Florida
Educator Workshop at EIH:nature journaling for teachers
Zika: The Natural History of a Virus
John Muir – A Voice for Nature
Heritage Book Study:  Review of Sharing the Common Pool, Water Rights in the Everyday Lives of Texans
Orb-Weavers Near You: natural history of orb-weaver spiders
National Weather Service AT

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August 2016 Midden Table of Contents:

Prairie Ponderings: Prairie Falcons
Wetland Wanderings: Exploration Green
Beach Patrol: Summertime Beaches
Happy Birthday, National Park Service!
Technology and Nature
Heritage Book Study: The Formation and Future of the Upper Texas Coast
Congratulations to Tom Solomon
Guppies from Julie
August/September Activities

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June 2016 Midden Table of Contents:

Prairie Ponderings: Prescribed Burns
Wetland Wanderings: Where Did All the Rain Go?
Beach Patrol – Rip Currents
The Early People of Texas AT
2016 Sylvan Beach Hawk Watch
So Many Books, So Little Time (12 environmental books)
Heritage Book Study: Legends and Lore of Texas Wildflowers
19th GBAC Training Class Completed
June/July Activities

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April 2016 Midden Table of Contents:

Prairie Ponderings: Little Goat Herd on the Prairie (TCPP)
Wetland Wanderings: Urban Beavers
Beach Patrol: A New Beach, A New Season
Diurnal Raptors of the Galveston Bay Area AT
Heritage Book Study: Letters to a Young Scientist
Nature Journaling Workshop AT
Prairie Team: “Stars of the Park” award at SLSP
Guppies: Dolphin Challenge
April/May Activities

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February 2016 Table of Contents: 

Prairie Ponderings: For Prairie Lovers (State of the Prairie Conference)
Wetland Wanderings: One Plant at a Time
Beach Patrol: Usual and Unusual on our Winter Beaches
Stop and Smell the Roses – Nature Walks and Hikes
Guadalupe Bass – Official Texas State Fish
Treasures of Bay Award Recipients 2015
Vultures: Nature’s Clean-Up Crew (AT)
The Stars at Night AT
Heritage Book Study: Review of Adventures of a Frontier Naturalist: The Life and Times of Dr. Gideon Lincecum
Did You Know There are Space Grant Colleges?
Guppies from Julie
February/March Activities

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