2018 Issues

December 2018 Midden – Table of Contents

  •      Wetland Wanderings: Early Outreach with Books
  •      Prairie Ponderings: Farm Bill 2018
  •      Coastal Corner: American Oystercatcher Banding
  •      Archeology of the Upper Texas Coast AT
  •      Behind the Scenes: Outreach Committee
  •      Heritage Book Study: Review of Texas Tears and Texas Sunshine
  •      Save the Date: GISP Nature Walk-About
  •      The Big Picture: Trash – Marker of the Anthropocene
  •      Remembering Odie Asscherick
  •      State Meeting Winning Photos
  •      December/January Activities

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October 2018 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: Invasive Apple Snails
  • Prairie Ponderings: Swamp Rabbits
  • Beach Patrol: The Great Fishing Line Tube Adventure
  • Botany: Plants are Precious AT
  • Education Outreach: Bay Adventures Module Training
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of A Thirst for Power: Energy, Water and Human Survival
  • The Big Picture: The Meteoritical Society and Armand Yramategui
  • Why Ecology Matters – Part I AT
  • Fish Tales
  • Behind the Scenes: Advanced Training Committee
  • Hawk Watch: Fall Migration
  • Proposed Bylaw Changes
  •         The Nature Pyramid
  • October/November Activities

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August 2018 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: Northern Harriers
  • Prairie Ponderings: Copperhead Snakes
  • Beach Patrol: My Writing Life
  • AT: Parasite Safari
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of Junkyard Planet
  • A Brief History of Saving Our Beautiful Bayous
  • The Big Picture – Where Deer, Antelope, and Astronomers Play:  Radio telescopes and Pronghorns
  • The Great Cephalopod King Retires: Nathan Veatch
  • Six Kites Over Seabrook: Local Mississippi Kites
  • Save the Date – Upcoming Events
  • Camp Wild Fun
  • Guppies from Julie
  • August/September Activities

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June 2018 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: Let’s Get Small With Shelled Amoebae
  • Prairie Ponderings: Sam and Sheila Swainson
  • Dire Diseases in Deer, Part 2 (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) and Bluetongue Virus)
  • AT: Citizen Science, Texas Nature Trackers, and iNaturalist
  • AT: Gems of the Gulf
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of The Invention of Nature, Alexander von Humboldt’s New World
  • The Big Picture – Ocean Worlds and Our World’s Oceans (TRAPPIST-1 and plastic in the ocean)
  • Another Botany Question (American water willow and Maidencane)
  • AT: The Big Thicket
  • 2018 Class Fun and Adventures
  • June/July Activities

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April 2018 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: Pop Quiz
  • Prairie Ponderings: The Battle Continues…Attwater Prairie Chicken “A” team vs. Deep-rooted Sedge
  • Beach Patrol: American Oystercatcher Study
  • Dire Diseases in Deer, Part 1 (chronic wasting disease)
  • The Big Picture (NASA DISCOVR/EPIC and Galveston Bay Plan, 2nd Edition)
  • Diurnal Raptors of the Galveston Bay Area 2018
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of The Soil Will Save Us
  • Forensic Botany: A Tale of Two Berries
  • Guppies from Julie
  • April/May Activities

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February 2018 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: Those Doggone Cattails
  • Prairie Ponderings: Frost Flowers – Winter Has Arrived
  • Beach Patrol: Transecting Islands in Galveston Bay (surveying plants on nesting bird islands)
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of Life History of a Texas Birdwatcher: Connie Hagar of Rockport
  • Ocelot: Little Texas Cat
  • Treasures of the Bay Award Recipients 2017
  • Map Out a New Year of Travel Adventures (TMN recommended Texas places)
  • Let’s Talk About Raptors
  • Guppies from Julie
  • February/March Activities

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