2020 Issues

June 2020 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: That Snake is Not Smiling – Cottonmouth
  • Prairie Ponderings:  Bison Babies
  • Zooming Along Together
  • Books to Read
  • The Emeritus Program
  • Heritage Book Study Plans
  • Hawk Watch 2020: Hawks at Home
  • Nature Journaling
  • Five Ways to Stay Sane During a Pandemic
  • Coronavirus, Invasive Species and Exponential Growth
  • June/July Activities

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April 2020 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Wetland Wanderings: These boots were made for sloshing
  • Prairie Ponderings: Bison Return
  • Coastal Corner: Our Dedication to Sea Turtles
  • State of the Bay 2020 (Conference)
  • Earth Day, April 22, is 50 Years Old
  • Rosenberg Library Outreach and AT
  • City Nature Challenge 2020: Houston
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of The Secret World of Red Wolves: The Fight to Save North America’s Other Wolf
  • Galveston Bay Area Shells: Top 10 Quiz
  • April/May Activities

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February 2020 Midden – Table of Contents

  • Julie Honored With Distinguished Agent Title
  • Wetland Wanderings: A Celebration of Diversity (World Wetland’s Day)
  • Prairie Ponderings:  Year of the Bison
  • American Bumblebee – 2020 Pin
  • Treasures of the Bay Award Recognition 2019
  • Green Team News
  • AT: Why Ecology Still Matters, Part 4 (Sampling)
  • 2020 Board of Directors
  • Heritage Book Study: Review of Water From Stone: The Story of Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve 
  • Let’s talk about Raptors
  • Top Ten Quiz: Galveston Bay Area Diurnal Raptors
  • February/March Activities

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