Approved monitoring programs

We are supporting the year-round monitoring programs listed below.    

Texas Stream Team Water Quality Monitoring
Learn how to monitor water quality in streams, lakes, and bayous.  After two training sessions, monitors are given a test kit for use at a specific site around Galveston Bay, where they collect water quality data at monthly intervals. Monitors also attend annual quality control sessions.

Working on-site

Working on-site

The contact is Kristi Tompkins of Texas Stream Team.

Cactus Moth Detection & Monitoring Network
Monitoring the progress of the invasive cactus moth at sites established along the leading edge.

cactus moth

The contact is Vic Madamba. For more information, refer to Cactus Moth Monitoring.

Texas Estuarine Resource Network (TERN)
Monitoring birds and their activities (including nesting, foraging and loafing) in order to establish a baseline for future research, grants, and more. Monitoring is performed at sites around Galveston Bay, including rookery islands, which will be monitored by intrepid Master Naturalist kayakers.

American Oystercatcher

American Oystercatcher

For more information about the Audubon Texas project, email or refer to the Audubon TERN Facebook page.


Seasonal programs

We also support seasonal monitoring programs as needed. These include:






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