Key service awards achieved in 2019

1,000 hours

Alice Anderson, Christine Boodley, Davis Clay, Anne Franklin, Jan Hanson, Dorothy Hogg, Robin Kendrick-Yates, Janet Mason, Beverly Morrison, Debra Pence, Mike Petitt, Mike Wehrman

2,500 hours

Chris Anastas

4,000 hours

Scott Buckel, Ellen Gerloff, George Kyame, Jo Monday


2019 Year End Awards – These awards are given out at our end of year celebration

Each year our chapter recognizes outstanding service and contributions to natural resource restoration and education efforts with the “Treasures of the Bay Awards.”  Congratulations to all our award winners!

Dick Benoit Leadership Award: Awarded for extraordinary service, mentoring, leadership and dedication to our organization.

Chuck Snyder

Beth Cooper Memorial Service Award: Awarded to a new Chapter member (2 years or less) in recognition of their volunteer service and dedication to the chapter.

Davis Clay, Robin Kendrick-Yates

Sara Snell Education Award: Awarded in recognition of initiatives in education about the Galveston Bay ecosystem.

Maureen Nolan-Wilde

Non profit Award: In recognition of a non profit for leadership in protecting and improving the Galveston Bay area environment.

Clear Lake City Water Authority

Chapter Service Award: Awarded to an active Master Naturalist of the Galveston Bay Area Chapter for outstanding work and commitment to the success of our organization.

Dave Bary, Terry Gaustad, Mitch Philpot, Lynn Smith

Making a Difference Award: Awarded in recognition of an individual or individuals whose initiatives in preservation, restoration, education and/or enhancement of our natural world have improved and/or enriched the quality of the environment in the Galveston Bay area.

Candice Annen, Rick Becker, Bobett Brasfield, Karen Scott

Sammy Ray Researcher Award: Awarded for excellence in conducting environmental research of the Galveston Bay Area Ecosystem.

Alan Wilde, John Wright




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