Key service awards achieved in 2014

1,000 hours

Madeleine Barnes, Cindy Liening, Maureen Nolan-Wilde, Ray Parker, Carlos Rios, Lydia Rottman, Regina Rottmann, Lynn Smith, Alan Wilde and Sam Williamson

2,500 hours

Tom Betros and Ray Rottmann

4,000 hours

Marie Asscherick, Odie Asscherick, Trudy Belz, Dick Benoit, Jim Duron, T.J. Fox, Doris Heard, Diane Humes, Gib Larson, Mel Measeles, Tawy Muehe, Cliff Muehe, Margaret Pickell, Sara Snell, Tom Solomon and Nathan Veatch

5,000 hours

Sara Snell

Treasures of the Bay Awards (given at our 2013 end-of-year celebration)

Corporate Award
No award

Nonprofit Award
– National Marine Fisheries Service – Dr. Roger Zimmerman, Ronnie O’Toole
– Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary – Shelley DuPuy

Dec 5, 2013 MN Celebration





Chapter Service Awards
Advanced Training Team (Shirley Foster, Emmeline Dodd, Frank Budny, Verva Densmore, Ellen Gerloff, Mary Vogas, Nathan Veatch, Dick Benoit, Mel Measeles, Vic Madamba, Madeleine Barnes, Chuck Snyder, Louise Bell, Diane Humes, Rita Smith and Nelda Tuthill)

Ellen Hufft, Lydia Rottmann and Sandy Rubin

Making a Difference Award
Chatt Smith, Larry Brasfield, Bobette Brasfield, Root Choyce, Emily Morris, Scott Buckel and Carolyn Miles

Sammy Ray Researcher Award
Dr. Cindy Howard

Chuck Buddenhagen Memorial Education Award
Shelia Brown, Wendy Reistle and Rowena McDermid


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