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In Memory of a Prairie Warrior: Charlie Lundquist

Charlie Lundquist, energetic proponent of prairie restoration and member of the Houston-National Prairies Association of Texas, passed away on Saturday, May 16, 2020.  Charlie was a valued and steadfast volunteer at the Lawther-Deer Park Prairie since 2014, when the property was purchased by NPAT.  Charlie Lundquist was the brother of Katie Sallean, TMNCPC Tresurer and he was a native prairie ambassador creating his own 1.5 acre pocket prairie in Friendswood, Texas.   The Deer Park Prairie staff have recently created a project to build the Charlie Lundquist Memorial Boardwalk… Read More →

Wild Rabbits in Texas Face New Lethal Virus

Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) has recently announced the presence of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus, Serotype 2, in wild rabbits in Texas.  This is a relatively new virus and is almost always lethal to wild and domestic rabbits.  It only infects rabbits and it is not a threat to humans or pets other than rabbits.  The first North American case was seen on Vancouver Island in 2018-19. It has spread rapidly since with cases in Washington and California and now Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have reported cases… Read More →

Past TMNCPC President Amber Leung Uses 3D Printer to Make Face Shields

Amber Leung, past president of the Coastal Prairie Chapter, has used her 3D printer many times to create nature-related models such as skulls and wings for use in nature education talks.  Now she is using her skills and 3D printer to create face shields for first responders on the frontline of the corona virus epidemic.  In this clip from a recent KPRC Channel 2 news release, Amber describes the process she uses and what drives her to help in this cause. Click HERE to view the news release… Read More →