Bylaws, Chapter Guidelines, Handbook

ByLaws, Handbook and Protocols, etc.

  • ByLaws
    • State-Bylaws-Template-FINAL-12-11-14, with 6-29-15 chapter update. This is based on the State 12/11/2014 final template and includes the allowed and approved chapter changes for Title, 24 month terms for Board Members, and inclusion of the Addendum for 501 (c) (3) Chapters. It also includes minor clarifications agreed via email with Michelle Haggerty as being valid and are shown highlighted in red, as they are not an official part of original State version until such time as it may get updated in the future. The clarifications are for understanding only, and do not affect the content or substance of the State Bylaws.
  • Chapter Management and Operating Protocols
    • Chapter Management and Operations Protocols December 2016, is the current approved version and used for all chapters during 2017 and 2018. It also contains the Volunteer Service Guidelines content. It is not modifiable by chapters.
    • The State issued a new revised version for review during 2018 but never completed final chapter reviews and publishing for use in 2019. That 2018 draft was released again earlier this year (2019} and is under review for approval by Dec 2019 and then be the reference for new officers starting in 2020.  Chapter Management and Operations Protocols for 2018 redline is the review draft for Chapter review and acceptance Summer/Fall 2019 with final approval Dec 2019 and will become official for 2020.
  • Chapter Operating Handbook (COH)
    • COH final 3-1-2016, edited 11-29-16 This chapter version is our approved current one, based on 6/8/2015 State template as a base of our chapter’s customization, and includes all changes approved by the board through 1/8/2016 and by members at February Chapter meeting.  Also minor corrections were approved 3/1/16 by board, and approved by members at 7/14/16 chapter meeting. 11/29/16 minor changes are highlighted and reflects changes from board meeting 11/28/16 on background checks.
    • The state issued a new revised template in March 2018, Chapter-Operating-Handbook-Template-Updated for 2018 redline. This is the only state provided document that is intended to be customized to each chapter’s preferences. This template was customized for our chapter and was under Board review, as COH Dec 18 2018 draft and then was reviewed and approved by chapter vote but the State Office did not conclude that 2018 review (same as for the CMOP above) and so forms the base for the 2019 update (no new changes) . This updated COH template also references Communications Overview and Infrastructure document to be reviewed by board and the chapter along with the new COH. It also references a Chapter Data Retention Policy template Data-Retention-Policy-12-2017 and our previously approved Chapter Data Retention Practices document: Chapter retention practices.  This COH version is in the same review process as the CMOP above during 2019, and will become our guideline for 2020.

Other State TMN templates and guidelines  These templates will be reviewed for update by State TMN in November of each year going forward, and also be found on TXMN Documents.

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