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Field Trip Information
This is background and planning for our first year’s 2008 field trips. Due to the private land ownership of Sugarloaf Mountain, information about that trip was not posted online, but was offered directly to the students for their planning.

2009 Field Trips
Field trip Feb 3, 2009 – TX Cooperative Wildlife Collection
TCWC Field Trip Wildlife Collection, Feb 3, 2009.doc

2008 Field Trips
Feb 5, 2008 – Blackland Research Center Field Trip, Temple
Blackland Research Center Field Trip.pdf

March 4, 2008 – Texas River Systems Institute Field Trip, San Marcos
Texas River Systems Institute Field Trip.pdf

April 15, 2008 and April 25, 2009 – Sugarloaf Mountain, Gause
Information regarding private land will not be posted on this web site. This special field trip has been coordinated and permitted by the landowner. Please remember that trespassing without landowner consent is a violation of state law.

Presentations and other information about the history and features of Sugarloaf Mtn can be found in “Archeology” under “Areas of Interest”. Below is a list of plants in the area, developed by Monique Reed.
Sugarloaf Sugarloaf.pdf

April 29, 2008
– Alcoa Rangeland Management Field Trip, Rockdale
Alcoa Field Trip Alcoa Field Trip.pdf

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