Wetlands Ecology

Swamps and bogs. Bring your waders!

From Wikipedia:

A wetland is an area of land consisting of soil that is saturated with moisture, such as a swamp, marsh, or bog.

As defined in terms of physical geography, a wetland is an environment “at the interface between truly terrestrial ecosystems and aquatic systems making them inherently different from each other yet highly dependent on both”. In essence, wetlands are ecotones. Wetlands often host considerable biodiversity and endemism. In many locations such as the United Kingdom, Norway and United States they are the subject of conservation efforts and Biodiversity Action Plans.


Class Presentations
2008 Class – Wetlands Ecology,Corey Mason
Texas Wetland Overview PDF file

2012 Class – Waco Wetlands class, Robert Doyle, Baylor University
Robert Dolye 2012 Master Naturalist Wetland Presentation- pdf file.

2013 Class – Chris Harper and Doug Phillips, Wetlands Ecology and Management PDF.

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