Neat Slide Shows

Internet Sites and down loadable presentations with Nature and Wildlife photos. The links will let you download the slide show to your PC and play locally.

  • Enjoy a bit of “The Simple Life” with photos and music. The Simple Life
  • Really beautiful bird pictures, with music and inspirational messages. Birds and Saying
  • Wildscape Images, professional photo gallery by Robert Amoruso. Superb photos of birds, nature, landscapes, waterscapes, flora and fauna, etc. on Wildscape Images.
  • Life on the farm – “High Cotton”, with music by Alabama, High Cotton
  • An eclectic collection of photos – animals, nature, landscapes. Animals, nature, landscapes, etc.
  • Beautiful Owls – Beautiful Music. Hooters
  • National Geographic’s Wild HD video – beautiful animals, nature and music all together.

These are also down-loadable, but from the SlideShare website that the link takes you to.  Viewing online (no music, less quality) is not as good as downloading for local display. To download the file, click on the “Save” at top of video and login in with your Facebook or other account, or contact El Camino website owner at link at bottom of this page.

AuthorStream: This site will play any audio and preserves text quality better than SlideShare above.  After you click the Play button, you can advance slide with mouse click on right of slide (or use spacebar), and backup with click on the left.  You can also go to full screen with the little icon showing a box within a box.  You can download the presentation file from this site as well – click on the title above the picture to go to the AuthorStream website.  It will ask for a login using your Facebook account in order to download the file, or contact the El Camino website owner via link at bottom of this page.  These are the same two slide shows as above.  Eventually I may move all Slideshare files to AuthorStream.  Also, due to new max file size restrictions on our website, most future such files will have to be done via Slideshare or AuthorStream and not directly stored on our web site. Some of this is still work in progress…

45 Lessons in Life   Click on right arrow after slideshow opens to sequence through slides and text.

More presentations from Don Travis

Humans and Animals together


More presentations from Don Travis

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