Soils – That earthy dirty stuff.

Our Soils Interest group was formed in April 2015, with the intent of learning and sharing all about soils in our County. The reader is also referred to our Geology and Soils page under the “Natural Areas” section of this web site where we keep all advanced training, field trips and many links and references on the subject since we started our chapter and the web site.

This page will focus on and document the activities of our Soils Interest group specifically, and will use links as needed to the above page to prevent any duplication, primarily regarding reference material.

Richard Reid (Soil Survey Project Leader; NRCS, Bryan) met with the Soils group and helped them collect two samples of Milam County soils, shown in this picture.  For more on this process see the videos, photos and documentation located in the Geology and Soils Interest Group web page (link above). Katherine Bedrich made these display cases for two samples, and although you can’t see it, there are centimeter depth markings on the frames and additional soil analysis information that the group now has, regarding such things as water penetration, soil content, suitability for native grasses or agriculture, etc.  The left column contains the top portion of the sample and the right column the bottom portion.


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