Volunteer & AT Hours VMS Reporting


Reporting Procedures

As of April 1st 2015, all Volunteer and Advanced Training hours earned are reported either through 1) the new online Volunteer Management System (VMS) directly by the volunteer, or 2) the Volunteer / AT Event Report Form which is a group participation sign up sheet with those hours entered by the VMS Admin person. The completed Volunteer / AT Event Report Form sign up sheet will be delivered by the event coordinator to the chapter membership chair designee, who will then enter each person’s hours into VMS for that event.

To retrieve the appropriate group form, see the Library section: Volunteer Hours Advanced Training Meeting Reporting Forms and Templates.

VMS Access:

You may visit THIS PORTAL PAGE as the TMN portal to the VMS system to log in, and details and help documentation is on this Help Desk page which is also found there.  You should use the Portal page link above to sign in to the VMS system, and NOT bookmark the VMS log in link directly as that link may change when system upgrades are done. For convenience, you should bookmark that “Portal Page” in your browser for ease of future use.  Any questions, call Don to help set this up.  Keep your profile information up to date, as that is used by TPWD to conduct annual background checks on all active members.

Travel Time
The TMN program and the El Camino Real Chapter has approved travel time as a part of volunteer hours on approved projects and activities.  On group sign in sheets, we add 1 hour of round trip travel time (as an average) for everyone, and those hours are entered by the VMS Admin person.  On your individual logging of hours outside of sign in sheets, you may add your actual round trip travel hours to your volunteer hours and report the total.  However, per state guidelines, travel time is not approved for Initial Training or Advanced Training.

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