New Member Class Curriculum

2016 Class Information

New class training will be held on Wednesdays from 9am to 1:00 pm starting on January 13, 2016, mostly at the Cameron Housing Authority Building on West 6th St. in Cameron. Barbara Cromwell and Dorothy Mayer will be co-directing the class training. The 1st class will be our introductory class on January 13th & led by Past President, Katherine Bedrich. Our chapter adviser, Tim Siegmund, TPWD and Floyd Ingram, Milam County AgriLife Agent, will be asked to come and meet the new class members. Our 2nd class will be on Water Conservation on January 20th with Johnnie Smith, TPWD Conservation Education Manager leading the program. Subjects should be: wildscapes, entomology, native grasses, mammalogy/Texas Nature Trackers, botany, herpetology, ornithology, water conservation, climatogy, man & nature, ecoregions, & nature identification field trip to Somerville state park, & Waco wetlands. There will also be some Friday or Saturday fields trips. In order to cover all the subjects, we are trying to offer 13 training classes. Further dates and speakers will be announced in the near future. Also, everyone was in agreement that the training classes will be counted as AT or Volunteer time for our current members that participate. We will request our members to make our new trainees feel welcome and included in our chapter.

2013-14 Class Curriculum

The 2013-14 Class agenda is here. 2013-14 Training Class Agenda

2012 Class Curriculum

The 2012 Class agenda is here. 2012 Training class Agenda

2010 Class Curriculum
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2009 Class Curriculum
The 2009 class agenda is here – 2009 Training Class Agenda

2008 Class Curriculum
This was our first class of the El Camino Real Chapter – 2008 Training Class Agenda

Course Curriculum Goals
This is the state-advised overall curriculum goals.
CurriculumGoals CurriculumGoals PDF file

Course Lecture Materials
All presentations that were offered to us for posting are included under the “Natural Areas of Interest” section of the web site, under the topic area covered.

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